The Constant Check-In

Art by Ayo Sule

Social media has provided a new way for our generation to be in communication which has resulted in the pressure but also joy of the constant check-in. Because our friends (or people that were in your life at some point but now live elsewhere and you never see )are always posting about their lives and themselves, we are able to always see what stage of life everyone is at and knows what they are up to without having to actually communicate with them.

If you have some sort of previous rapport you will leave some comments to hype them up and sometimes question things they post about to have a brief dialogue about how they are surfing in north hampshire at the moment possibly going further to include what’s going on with you and leave it at that. Or if you are old friends you’ll end with a we’ll link when we can in the future. This phenomenon of the constant check in is new and unique to our generation.

But it draws us to a digital world where we are then never fully living in the present because we are constantly needing to check in with our pals from elsewhere. This is a blessing because we get to always have someone to talk to even if a brief few sentences and we are able to keep further away friendships strong but then it removes us partially from if we lived fully in our present and the world around us. This is why it’s important to find a balance between our present life and our digital life which honestly is just an accumulation of your previous life chapters that you hold onto.

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